S P R & Co originated in 2002 with a vision to positively impact businesses by using technology, effective business models, and industry Best Practices that transform performance and profitability. We are 275+ people strong with presence in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. Our team includes Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, MBA’s, Engineers and IT Security Professionals to enable comprehensive service delivery in all our chosen domains. A vertical based structuring and dedicated staff enable our delivery teams to hit the ground running – efficiently and effectively. An inhouse repository of tools and techniques and a standard training plan ( S P A R K ) supported by external experts ensures that our teams are trained on contemporary technologies and Best Practices across our service domains.

We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary.

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Our team comprises of industry experts in chosen domains who enable comprehensive service delivery and client success.


The Business of Entertainment
he entertainment industry, with its ever-evolving dynamics and intense competition, presents unique challenges for production houses and studios. Navigating this creative landscape requires not only artistic vision but also a solid business strategy.
Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

In the complex and highly regulated world of finance, navigating the regulatory landscape is a fundamental aspect of success. The regulatory environment is not static.

Unlocking Telecom Profitability
In the ever-evolving telecom industry, profitability is a constant pursuit. Telecom companies face numerous challenges, from fierce competition to rapid technological advancements.
Nanotechnology in Materials Science
This topic would delve into the fascinating world of nanotechnology and how it’s revolutionizing materials science.

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Incorporate sustainability into your core strategy so that it’s future-proof and makes the most of the many opportunities that sustainability presents.


Make your operations more environmentally and socially sustainable while boosting efficiency and addressing key risk management issues.

Customer Value

Sustainability presents many opportunities to develop differentiated offerings for your customers.


Only 4% of companies achieve their sustainability goals. We can help you overcome barriers and organize for success.

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Consumer Products
A Manufacturer Vows to “Push to Zero” Carbon Emissions
Bugaboo, a global manufacturer of parenting products and solutions, charts a bold course.
Sustainability & Responsibility
Sea Change: A Bold Partnership to Advance Sustainable Fishing
We worked with The Nature Conservancy on an ambitious plan for sustainable tuna fishing.

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Connect, collaborate and exchange ideas

Connect, collaborate and exchange ideas


It was a huge relief to get caught up on 7 years of unfiled taxes through the Streamlined Foreign Offshore program, and SPR&CO made it incredibly smooth and easy. I am so glad to have found them!

– Jeffrey Allen
ABC Private Limited

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"Join us on our journey to redefine the landscape of financial services as a trusted chartered accountant firm."

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