SPR is a firm that endeavors to exercise original thought to deliver meaningful insights. Our journey commenced in 2002 with a vision to positively impact businesses by using technology, effective business models, and industry best practises that transform performance and profitability. Our partner-driven boutique approach ensures that we constantly push the envelope to offer unique and customised solutions that put client needs first. We are 350+ people strong with a presence across the globe. Our team comprises of industry experts in chosen domains who enable comprehensive service delivery and client success.

Global Energy

Perspective 2023

In an evolving energy landscape, our Global Energy Perspective 2023 provides insights into long-term trends that will shape the energy transition.

Reframing employee

health: Moving beyond

burnout to holistic


A new McKinsey Health Institute survey across 30 countries offers insights into how organizations can help create a workplace that prioritizes physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

Seeing around corners:

How to excel as a chief

of staff

A chief of staff can be instrumental to a CEO’s success while also advancing their own career. Here are eight pieces of advice from those who have mastered the role.


What does it mean to

accelerate sustainable and

inclusive growth?

Are you seeking an

exciting role that will

challenge and inspire


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