Comprehensive Employee Validation for a
Leading IT Developer

Employee Validation - Case Study - SPR & CO.


An IT developer for a leading ridesharing application.


The primary objective of this engagement was to conduct critical employee KYC (Know Your Customer) validations across various regions.


During the course of this engagement, the following challenges were identified

1. The need to cover a significant number of locations and employees within a limited time frame.

2. Coordinating with multiple Auditee SPOCs (Single Points of Contact) in each location or city.

3. Coordinating with multiple Auditor SPOCs in each location or city.


The engagement involved the KYC verification of the entire contingent of off-roll employees deployed across the country. The following steps were taken to address the challenges

1. Initiated a remediation activity for resolving any discrepancies or mismatches between the employee master records and the documents provided.


The verification process successfully covered a total of 2,458 employees spread across the country. In the top 15 cities, verification camps were set up at local OLA offices, where local auditors validated employees and their documents. For approximately 240 employees in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, validation was conducted via video conferencing by the Bengaluru audit team.

The verification process required employees to authenticate their identities using a unique reference ID issued by the respective vendor. They were also required to present their original offer letter, Aadhar card, and PAN card (or an alternate address proof in the absence of an Aadhar card).

Based on these verifications, a predefined checklist was completed by the auditor, indicating the availability of the required documents. Photocopies of the mentioned originals were obtained and attached to the checklist for archival and record-keeping purposes.

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